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America’s Next Top Model – Makeup

Photo from ANTM Facebook Fan Page

I am a huge America’s Next Top Model fan! I’ve been watching the show since season 1 came out and have still continue to look forward to each new episode.  The thing I look forward to the most is seeing the beautiful art that the makeup artists and hair stylist create on the models. Not only that but the photo shoot makeup is immaculate most every time.

It is so intriguing how behind the scenes these people are creating looks that, in my opinion, are true art. When the models really embrace the looks that they are given I can see how rewarding it is for the makeup artists and hair stylists to see what their created look was capable of.  I also like how you can tell when a model gets a look that they understand and can relate to.

I think that people that participate in “behind the scenes” work in the fashion industry should get more credit! I mean I have admired the looks of so many of the different photoshoots, magazine spreads, runways fashion shows and you don’t really see that much credit given to these unseen artists. I guess these are more  incognito roles in the fashion industry. Tonight for America’s Next Top Model I will be sticking around for the credits so I can check out the makeup artists and hair stylists listed. I’ll be back with results! Oh and if you love ANTM as much as I do become a facebook fan.

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