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New Eyeshadow Looks and Ideas

eyeshadpw-looksIf you want to see some really beautiful looks and new ideas for what you can do with all of your different pallets of eye colors. I would recommend bookmarking the site Padmita’s Make Up Blog?. The looks she creates are so unique! Like myself, she uses a wide range of brands which I think gives you more varitey in the looks you can create, as every brand has it’s own unique fomulas which are better than others for different things. One thing I like about this blog is if you like a look she has posted you can see list of products and colors used, so it’s easy to try and replicate the look. The products that she uses range from high priced brands down to lower priced makeup you can pick up at your local drugstore. If you need some inspiration to try something new or use a color that you never tried on yourself before I would recommend taking a minute to check out some of Padmitas looks.

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