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Three Ways Makeup can be Empowering

images1Ok I know men say less is more when it comes to make-up, which can be true in some cases like when you see those girls walk by with their make-up caked on over an inch thick.  Realistically, most of the time ladies just want to accentuate their assets to help those “blind” hopeless guys notice what we are proud of.  There is definitely a power that makeup has that can change a good day to a better day and even grab the attention that might draw that guys eye to you.  Here are three reasons why wearing makeup can be empowering to a woman:

Boost your confidence and take a few extra risks.

When I say “extra risks” I mean it might make you feel hotter, sexier, and more desirable. When you are looking good you know it and that makes your fearless, so you can smile at that guy walking pass you without doubt. If you are in a serious relationship it can also boost your confidence around your lover. When you are feeling better and more confident with yourself your confidence radiates SEXINESS and your man will notice – guaranteed! Lastly, in the work place your confidence will make you stand out from the crowd. Like Coco Chanel once said, “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” So go out there and be you, accentuate your assets and strut your stuff!

Changes in colors, style or technique can turn your world upside down

So we all are guilty of getting into our  routine – wake up through some makeup on so we look presentable and head out the door to live our busy lives. Try this… spend a little extra time on your favorite part of your face in the morning…your eyes, cheeks, lips, skin… whether its a lighter or darker shade than your normally use on your eyes or an extra coat of mascara. Or even try a new lip color, blush or even apply a little extra bronzer onto your cheek bones. Adding just a little variety can make some major differences and go a long way. Also as we get older our  skin changes so trying something new can be good because you might pull yourself out of an old phase into a modern you! Find a look on someone that you like that is around your age and try to mimic it.  I say get out of your same old routine and give it a try!

A little extra shine can brighten your day

By no means am I saying that you need makeup be be shiny, smiley or happy but if you add some shine to your look you can feel happier or brighter. On some days when I dont want to wear too much makeup I will wear my tinted moisturizer and add some shimmering powder and some bronzer, a little mascara and finish with some light lip gloss. With a lighter look it can make you feel and look more radiant and less stressed. When you see people that are bright and radiant you perceive them as light fresh and stress free. My point is imagine two women both shopping with three kids each running around. One’s hair all tangled dark circles under her eyes with makeup on but not so flattering. The other woman in lighter clothes whites, light jeans with shimmer light and appropriate makeup. Both in the same scenario, the second woman will be perceived as more stress free.  In many cases how you look can change how you feel dramatically. So think about it try and make yourself look how you want to feel. If you want to be mysterious add some mystery to your look.

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