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Top Mascara Brands Available in Your Local Drugstore


Below are a few of the top mascara brands you can find in your local drugstore that actually work:

Loreal Explosion  – telescopic-explosion-mascara

The Loreal Explosion displays the newest mascara technology. The brush is extremely small which allows you to get into the “hard to reach spots,” like the corners of your eyes. Also with the small brush you have have more control over getting mascara on individual eye lashes. I particularly like using the brush for getting the outer and inner lashes. My best results were achieved when I used a regular mascara stick on my eyelashes and then accentuated my outer and inner eye lashes with the Loreal Explosion mascara. This can be found at any drugstore, however, it is one of the more pricey options I bought my tube for a whopping $8.99!

Cover Girl Lash Blast – images-1

Recently, I saw that you can get the Cover Girl Lash Blast in bulk from Costco in a three pack for almost the price of getting one tube from a regular drugstore. This mascara is great, I currently have black and brown in my collection. The applicator is sort of an oval shape and works really great on getting your eyelashes the long and accentuated look you want. I like that with two coats of Lash blast I am ready to go and out the door! The price is definitely reasonable too. I’ve seen between $6.00 to $7.00. The three pack from Costco is $13.99, what a deal!

Maybelline Volume Express -images-2

Maybelline is always going on to be a leader in making the best mascaras. Even the older pink tubes with green tops are still one of the highest demanded mascaras by makeup artists. The applicators are sturdy and the formula is great! I feel like my eyelashes always look plump and vivacious after using Maybelline’s mascara. Their brushes are rectangular and feathery which helps get better coverage on the harder to reach eyelashes. The Maybelline mascara prices range from $5-7.00 in your local drugstores, luckily there are always sales and promotions so keep your eye out!

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