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How to use Home Waxing Kits

imagesHome Wax Kits are awesome! I use them to wax my upper lip and to clean up my eyebrows. It’s great because you can just put the wax in the microwave for 5 minutes (heating instructions vary on product – just check out the label) and then do the waxing job yourself.

How to Use Home Waxing Kits

You have to make sure you do a few things right. First I use a rubbing alcohol swap and clean the area before hand. Then I apply the wax to the area which I want waxed, be sure to apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth – then you want to apply the wax in that same direction. The wax must be hardened before you pull it off, and make sure you remove the wax in a swift smooth motion make sure you remove the wax in the OPPOSITE direction than you applied it. For example, if you applied the wax in a downward motion (say that was the direction of your hair growth) then you would remove it in an upward motion.

Using Home Waxing Kits on your Eyebrows

It’s great and easy for upper lip as well as for cleaning up the brows. I go to a professional for shaping but when I want to clean up the straggling hairs not near my shaped brows I will apply a little wax about an 1/8 inch below my brow and remove those stragglers – its faster and more effective than plucking. Just make sure you don’t go too close to your brow because you don’t want the wax to get on your brow line and pull out hairs you didn’t want removed. I accidentally removed half of an eyebrow once going too fast so make sure you take your time and be very focused. Once you are done use another alcohol swap to clean up the area, and avoid touching the area because you do not want to put dirt or bacteria in your freshly opened pores.

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