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Why do you Wear Makeup?

Why do you wear makeup. Check out this video that was done by famous makeup artist Michelle Phan Check out this video that was done by famous makeup artist Michelle Phan

Little did one guy know, that his comment about the video would be starting WW2 with Makeup lovers all over. The comment by JCM from Brooklyn starts with Dear Women… and proceeds to express how he feels about makeup on women. His statement was saying the he felt makeup was an “uniquely feminine manifestation of a clearly delusional daily process as a means of hiding your identity to potentially attract a mate, increase your social status or, least likely, to simply make you feel good about yourself.” Several people lashed out and replied to his remarks from all different angles on why women should or should not wear makeup. Also many people supported that it is a form of art. While others agreed with JCM.

What do you thing? Why do you wear makeup? My thoughts are that I personally have been inspired by makeup ever since I knew what it was. Not only is it a form of art and personal expression but it is a way people and share their uniqueness. Just like a tattoo, getting a new hair do, wearing a trendy outfit. All of these are a way one can express themselves and make themselves unique from others. We were given brains and the power to separate ourselves from others and make ourselves INDIVIDUALS. People choose to “decorate” themselves differently. I mean the shirt you are wearing today can be considered personal art – if your body is the canvas. If people were to not wear clothes, do their hair, wear makeup and live in a completely “Natural State” I would understand where these comments about trying to impress people are coming from. But we are in a new world where people can/ and have the freedom to express themselves however they want. If you don’t like how someone is expressing themselves – there probably is someone out there who does appreciate it :)

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