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Wedding Make Up for Redheads

Wedding Make up for Redheads

Wedding Make up for Redheads

When researching wedding make up for redheads it can be challenging to find exactly what you are looking for, especially because you want to look stunning for your wedding day. When choosing your wedding eyeshadow the neutral shades will keep you looking natural yet flattering. If you want more color and glam, after all it is your big day, you may want to check out some purples with mahogany tints or some green shades. As a redhead you do not want to overdo it, stick with light and simple with a bit more glam than your normal daily business casual makeup. One of the best ways to find the look you want for your wedding make up is to do research in magazines and online and find pictures of girls with similar complexion and shade of hair. Bring the pictures with you for the consultation with your make up artist. Weather you are doing your own wedding make up or having an artist do it for you, I recommend doing a few practice sessions and see what look you really think makes you feel the most beautiful. Do not forget to get a nice lipstick color and lip gloss. Happy Wedding!

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