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How to use Home Waxing Kits...

imagesHome Wax Kits are awesome! I use them to wax my upper lip and to clean up my eyebrows. It’s great because you can just put the wax in the microwave for 5 minutes (heating instructions vary on product – just check out the label) and then do the waxing job yourself.

How to Use Home Waxing Kits

You have to make sure you do a few things right. First I use a rubbing alcohol swap and clean the area before hand. Then I apply the wax to the area which I want waxed, be sure to apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth – then you want to apply the wax in that same direction. (more…)

What is in Makeup?...

makeup-ingredientHave you ever gone to the makeup isle of a drugstore and looked at the rows of makeup wondering what the difference is between all of the products? Well if you would like to have a better idea of what is in makeup so you can determine which product is better for you, here is a cheat sheet of  some common ingredients on labels of cosmetic and beauty products. (more…)

Witch Hazel – Natural Facial Cleanser That W...

Natural Cleanser-Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is a facial astringent that is 100% natural and it cleans your face without lifting the body’s essential oils. It is clear and looks like water, so in order to use it you just squeeze some of the liquid on a cotton ball and rub in circular motions to cleanse (more…)