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America’s Next Top Model – Makeup...

Photo from ANTM Facebook Fan Page

I am a huge America’s Next Top Model fan! I’ve been watching the show since season 1 came out and have still continue to look forward to each new episode.  The thing I look forward to the most is seeing the beautiful art that the makeup artists and hair stylist create on the models. Not only that but the photo shoot makeup is immaculate most every time. (more…) – Online Vintage Boutique...

Photo From

Photo From

Violet Folklore – haunted threads is one of my favorite online vintage boutiques. All of their clothing is very cute, natural, and unique. They have everything from your favorite accessories to the most enchanting dresses. I find intriguing the variety of clothing and their overall store theme that they “are *~Your Bohemian Rhapsody~* dressing the most fabulous Free Spirits, (more…)

Lorian Lindsay – Photoshoot...

Preparation for the Photoshoot

Preparation for the Photoshoot

After this experience I found that the work done behind the scenes of a photo shoot is truly a test of combining your talent with patience, timing, and improvisation. The day started at 8 am. I am pretty tired from having recurring thoughts late in the night about how the shoot was going to turn out. My mind raced through the looks over and over again. (more…)

Costco Sells MAC Makeup at a Discounted Price...

MAC Makeup in a Costco in San Diego

MAC Makeup at a Costco in San Diego

You better believe it! I went to Costco yesterday and saw that they sell MAC Makeup Eyeshadow for a discounted rate of $11.49 versus the traditional $14.50 you pay in Department Stores and MAC Cosmetic Stores. Not only was it surprising to see that they had MAC Makeup in the first place but they had a great variety of shadow colors!!! (more…)

Photo Shoot Make-up...

Creating looks that show up solid on camera for photo shoots is harder than it looks. The biggest challenge being that the camera flash shines through the color so much that it makes the created look almost completely washed out. A good solid look takes layers of makeup being applied – way beyond what you would use for everyday wear. It can almost look gaudy up close but the camera catches a completely different picture.

Makeup Artist Review – Paula Mayer...

Paula Mayer is an airbrush makeup artist, based out of San Diego. In looking at her portfolio I saw some great shoots and there was a broad variety in the types of photo shoots she was involved in. She also has experience with film and bridal. In looking at various looks she was able to create, her talent and knowledge of the beauty industry was apparent. Which is why she is featured Makeup Artist of the week!